Are Online Greetings a Thing of the Past?

Online Greetings, ECards, EGreetings, Virtual Greetings, Digital Greetings.... They are all Electronic Greetings found and sent Online via the Internet.

During the Internet Boom 10-20 years ago, Online Greetings were very Popular.

Through the years, Online Greetings Websites have dwindled a bit. Today, most Online Greeting Companies require a purchase or they require a registration process in order to send or receive a Greeting. This has been thought to have decreased the popularity of Online Greetings.

But ... Do People still send Online Greetings? Yes, they most definitely do.

And ... Are Online Greetings a Thing of the Past? It doesn't appear to be so.

In fact, Online Greetings have become more popular in recent years. They are here to stay.

The desire for people to connect with others is very powerful. People really need and want to show that they care. 

Sending an Online Greeting is Immediate and is The Next Best thing to a Paper Greeting.

Its Easy, Convenient, and Fast. 

Online Greetings became more popular because of the Pandemic. 

Since the Pandemic started in 2019. People were less likely to go out from fear of catching Covid.

Travel had been more restrictive and some people were afraid to travel. Some friends and relatives have missed seeing each other. 

They felt isolated and separated because there were less personal interactions due to travel bans and shopping restrictions. 

Online Greetings became a way for people to Connect.

Online Greetings Sales increased while Paper Greetings sales decreased in 2020.

Though in 2021, travel opened up and shopping in stores was getting back to normal. It was thought that Online Greetings might be on the decline.

But As of January 2022, Online Greetings are still enjoyed and are utilized by many who did not use then before.

Why? Because ...Online Greetings can be sent with just a thought. In moments, someone you Care about or who you have been thinking of, will receive a message from you with a Memorable Picture or Video showing that you Care. That's a Win Win thing for Everyone..

Someone can connect with Anyone, whether they live next door or across the world.

Some other Reasons People Enjoy Online Greetings in 2022:

They are Green and Eco Friendly. There is no reason to feely guilty because there is no paper waste.

-There is no need to purchase Cards, Envelopes or Stamps

-They are very convenient. You don't need to run to the store or order a Card to be shipped in a few days. 


And, you don't have to wait a few days for the mail to send your paper card.

-They are more Economical.

-They are considered to be very Thoughtful.

-Millennials really enjoy Online Greetings the most but, anyone of any age still loves to receive a message that someone cares.

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