This Website's Journey

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This Website's Journey

The Website of Rainbow Universe was created in 2001 to enable people to share Free E-Greetings with each other.

Since then, The Internet has changed so much. Web Design has changed as well to keep up with amazing new features available. Now, when designing a website there is much to consider. Having a website that is secure, has the proper coding, and can adjust to all device screen sizes is a must.

I had considered closing this website since the site's software, graphics and pages were getting out of date. But instead, I decided to breathe new life into Rainbow Universe. 

I started over using a Brand New Domain, Website Design & E-Card Service that uses current web standards. Images have been updated and scaled for modern computer screens. The entire website is secured with an SSL Certificate, and is hosted on a secure and super fast VPS Cloud Server.

This allows the website pages to load extremely fast & adjust automatically to all screen sizes. Now the website runs securely with more efficiency and ease which gives viewers a much better user experience.

The whole purpose for this website is to bring joy & share free online greetings with others. 

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