Valentines Day Greetings A Brief History-Who & Why

Valentines Day Online Greetings
Valentines Day Greetings A Brief History-Who & Why

Show someone that you care by sending Free Valentines Day Online Greetings to your Friends & Loved Ones from Rainbow Universe.      Valentines Day Greetings

Free Valentines Day ECards or EGreetings are Online Digital Greeting Cards that are fast, easy & fun to share. There is a Free Printable Option for those who want to send a Traditional Card.

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Rainbow Universe Offers Many Types of Free Online Greetings for Valentines Day.   Cute, Loving, Romantic, Friendship, Fun, Warm, for Family, Animals, Pretty, & Unique

Valentines Day Greetings

All Valentines Day Online greetings are always Safe and Free to share with others.

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Valentines Day 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year. It is recognized as one of the most romantic days of the year with millions of cards sent and roses purchased from admirers around the world.

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A Brief History-Who & Why

Who was St Valentine and why do we celebrate him?

Valentines Day celebrates the life of St Valentine. He was believed to be a priest who was honored by a feast on 14th of February, the day of his death.  

There is a story that he signed his final letter “from your Valentine”. This has led to the tradition of sending and receiving cards to others to this day.

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